10 Things Beads for Kiddos Self Esteem

I don’t know about your parenting style and variability of your kids… I can tell you, my house can be all sorts of highs and lows, depending on the moment.

I honestly try to catch my kids making good decisions or being kind.  The reality is that it can be really hard when before I even get the words out of my mouth, they are on to something else or in each other’s space.

When the day is winding down, I take that opportunity to note some great things of the day that I’ve observed as well as encourage them to recognize their contributions or cooperations in the day – celebrating their great moments.

Here is a video with my daughter Emily.  She wanted to share her beads and the experience of this bonding time.

Both my kids benefit from this activity.  They made their own 10 Things Beads.  These beads are really versatile and can be used for:

  • the positives of the day
  • kind actions or successful moments
  • remembering loved ones
  • recognizing strengths in a general (not specific to a day)
  • sharing memories of events, people, past homes or pets
  • things you simply like or appreciate about another

making 10 things beads

This tool can be used at home or at school, with a parent/child interaction, just the parent or just the child.  I don’t know one child that doesn’t want to know what is great about them… give it a shot.  It may be tough for the child to get going at first but after a while, they’ll realize that their thought matter.  That time becomes a special part of the day.

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