6 Steps to a Less Stressful Holiday Season

We are deep into the holiday season! It’s never too late to remind ourselves of how we can make it through with some ease.  In the Holiday Survival online program, 6 steps are outlined to manage ANY holiday or special occasion.

  1.  Understand your holiday hurts – We all have memories of holiday past.  So what are yours?  Pay attention to those pings of hurt when they come up and offer yourself some compassion.
  2. Manage traditions, expectations and absolutes of the special time of year – Every year brings opportunities to do things the same or change things up.  If you are having a tough year and feeling less festive, take some time to reflect on what is of absolute necessity for you and what can be revisited another year.
  3. Make a plan – Prepare for your anxieties and worries.  If you have significant stress activators, take some time to plan for how you would like to handle different issues. Most times, our best or worst case scenarios don’t come to fruition, though having a plan will reduce anxieties in the moment.
  4. Self care and kind limits – When we are rushing around, self care can be on the back burner.  Little bits of joy like your favorite coffee or tea, enjoying holiday lights, or your luck on finding the perfect gift can lighten your heart.  Hold onto those good vibes.  Additionally, kind limits or boundaries are critical.  Your time, finances, and energy of utmost importance.  Balance is key!
  5. Manage relationships – From your inner circle to a random stranger, find those that will be your go-to buddy and those to minimize your attention.  These are your holidays, too.  Spend time with those that warm your heart.
  6. Learn from the past – Holidays past is full of useful information.  Family and friends will continue to be themselves through the holidays.  You will too. Notice any feelings around your holiday events and make note for next year…

You’ve got this!  Every year is different.  Afford yourself the kindness you seek.

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