A Goodbye letter to the Inner Critic in Your Life…

I had a long standing relationship with my Inner Critic (aka negative self-talk).  At first, it was one of my little angels on my shoulder.  I knew she had an edge to her and I didn’t mind.  She helped me to stand my ground and helped me be assertive, or so I thought.  She also had a way of helping me pause, to second guess myself.  I relied on this Inner Critic to guide me.  Little did I know, I was a willing participant in self sabotaging behavior.

I didn’t realize how far I had gone until I realized I wasn’t really fond of the person I was becoming.  I was cynical, I was grumpy and I was impatient.  This is not the person I thought I would be and I certainly didn’t want to continue to be.  Something needed to change and fast!

Here’s a letter I wrote my Inner Critic.  You can write one too.  It feels so good to kick her to the curb!  So freeing!  You know, there’s a bit of missing her at times.  However, I am so much happier without the weight of her negativity.


Question: What would you like to say to your Inner Critic?  Are you ready to meet your Inner Champion?

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