Announcing… The First 52

The First 52 is coming August 1!

For years, I’ve heard from folks that there is some type of barrier to actually getting to the support they are seeking… This is very tough for me to hear… There is a lot of really great information on the web, there are many support organizations, and groups out there.  My heart goes out to those that may not want an in-person group or work schedules conflict or family responsibilities lack flexibility or whatever the reason.

I’ve decided to do something about this… I’ve created a program called The First 52 that is your friend in grief for the first year after the death of someone in your life.  The program is structured that mirrors common discussions at specific times that arise in grief counseling.  You can expect:

❤︎ Weekly emails for the first year of grief delivered directly to your in-box… You can think of it as your weekly email hug.

❤︎ Links to useful websites, videos, worksheets, and activities to help you learn about your specific responses to grief.

❤︎ Bite-size, micro-lessons that fit into your life… think lessons are around 3-10 minutes.

❤︎ An online community you are welcome to join if you’d like to share your reflections and experiences.

The First 52 launches on August 1.  I look forward to walking beside you and being a friend through your grief.  Visit The First 52 to learn more.

**Note: This program is not intended to replace mental health counseling.  The program is a self-directed and you are encouraged to seek further counseling if needed.