Be Carefree, Find Fun

Be carefree, find fun… What a concept!  This can seem out of reach when we are in the midst of a tough time in our life.  This is not unreasonable.  It’s actually imperative that you take some time to blow off some steam and reconnect with you!

We all find fun in something different.  How do you define it?  If you can’t answer that question, you have disconnected and are very distracted from joy, my friend.  The good news is that can change in any moment… little by little… as you are ready to observe and participate in things you enjoy again.

You may have been distracted by changes, by appointments, by learning about what’s new in your life.  This will not last forever… it is important to focus on the present, on the here and now.  I encourage you to learn about new aspects of your life and attend to the changes and appointments.  I also encourage you to pay attention to those little sparks of interest that will come and go.  Accept their invitation and have a little fun.  It’ll do you good.