Camera Basics – Comfort with Technology

The idea of streaming or recording messages seems overwhelming at worst and exhilarating at best…

Once you do your first live stream, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.  I’m a huge proponent of keeping life simple… especially when learning trying new things.  Hospices have been forced into the electronic age of patient and bereavement services… it’s a sink or swim situation.  I want to give you a chance to swim.

Today I share with you the simplest way to understand camera, lighting and camera angles.  It’s a basic discussion that will break down a barrier of getting your message out there.  This is a quick video, about 6 minutes.  You actually have tools at your fingertips that you may not have ever tried for the purpose of virtual connection or virtual caring.

I believe in you!  Give it a shot!

As you watch this introduction to your camera and audio, you may have more questions or may want to talk.  Feel free to email me at and I’m happy to talk with you more.

Stay tuned for more specific videos to help you as a hospice get going with integrating more technology into your current care.

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