Connect with Comfort through Technology for Hospice

That unique touch of hospice is missing right now. Hospice response is so needed at this time.

What can a hospice do when our greatest asset – our touch – is taken away through social distancing?

We can engage, connect and ignite the senses through the use of technology… I’ve been offering these types of services for years and I can tell you, it can be done.

Remember the time we moved from paper charting to electronic or from note writing after a session to point of care charting? Even though there are more challenges and daily changes at this time, we do know that WE CAN transition to technology to companion hospice care.

We are within a time where technology is actually our BRIDGE to connecting to others.

This video offers 3 ideas of integrating technology that provide comfort care while maintaining a compassionate culture. We all use technology in our everyday lives. We can use those same concepts and even same platforms to up-level your services.

1. On-Call: HIPAA compliant video telehealth through VSee ( or ( Go beyond the phone call and actually see what is happening in the home before driving to see the patient. Your reassurance, your guidance, your expertise may just be what is needed more than adding to your mileage log. Your families will gain confidence and comfort when they see your face and genuine concern. Time is of the essence in hospice care. You may be able to meet your patient and family care needs more quickly by video telehealth than after a 40 minute drive.

2. Engage the sense of hearing: Use audio messaging to transform email messages to engage your patient’s hearing. Bridge the distancing by utilizing the sense of hearing messages and stories from friends and family. You can use a memo app on smartphones and find ways to gather them to share. Perhaps a private link through Google Drive or something similar. You may also use Zoom to record a group meeting and provide the link to the in-home caregiver or Loved One.

3. Offer a Live/Interactive Memorial Service: We all know that funerals are limited at best or not occurring in the same way. You can set up a private Facebook group from your organizations Facebook page that is only for your families. Or invite to a Private Zoom Meeting/Webinar that is in fact your Hospice Memorial Service. People can add their Loved One’s name to the chat or as a comment if they would like to have their name said and recognized during the broadcast. It, then, can stay on Facebook or in the Zoom cloud for other’s to see in the future.

We have a choice at this time. We can welcome or resist this change. We know there is life after COVID-19. This is an opportunity to try something new… keep what works and when this era passes, leave what was not preferred.

We can be connected to each other… it just looks different. It’s not less than, it’s a possible value add for the future that we are forces to try now.

Learn more about Chartreuse Center or the First 52 for Hospice Email Care Plan.