Darkness into the Light Series

The Darkness into Light Series of Positive Intentions focuses on the journey from sorrow and pain to acceptance and growth.  I’ll be honest, this was a tough series to create. I’ve offered parts of my personal journey that are more private than I usually share on such a public platform. My experience with exploring my fertility started in 2007.  Even after all this time, I feel that pull in my heart as I recall my growth.

Within my website, articles, podcasts, videos and emails, I indicate there is healing after the pain.  No matter how distant in the past, my fertility experience is part of me.  My fertility has a large impact on my life and my path to building a family.  My personal fertility may not be in the forefront of my concerns anymore.  However, it’s a part of my history and a part of my family story and the scars from the experience literally and figuratively remain even though the pain is only a ping or sting at times instead of all consuming.

There are four Positive Intention videos to create the Darkness into Light Series.  These intentions run about 5 minutes each to give you more thoughtfulness and more description of the healing process.  I’m a little vulnerable putting these story out there and I’m finding a sense of courage in that. vulnerability. I hope you gain a glimmer of hope through my sharing.





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