Halloween is almost here… Are you ready for the holidays?

I never considered Halloween the kickoff to the fall/winter holidays… until I did.  Let me explain.

It was Fall 2008.  I was completing my counseling and art therapy internship and grieving my own unsuccessful fertility treatment. It hit me like a ton of bricks that there was something more than carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, scary movies and haunted trails.  Halloween wasn’t on my radar for being a grief activator.

4 Spooky Pumpkins

It was such an interesting time for me.  I was companioning my clients and learning about their grief.  Skeletons, traditions, Halloween parties, changing leaves and less daylight were just some of the sparks of the season for my clients.  Navigating stores, returning to a dark home, and common activities like drinking apple cider or raking leaves were new experiences as my clients wandered through their new life without their Loved One.

View of October Evening Sky

For me, I was grieving a loss of dreams, coping with intermittent disconnect with my husband, and it seemed that there were families and children everywhere.  I felt that I was bombarded with constant reminders of my bodies inability to conceive as well as feelings of being left out or excluded from all the happenings simply because of my own lack of children in my home.

I'm the Witch in All Black.
I’m the Witch in ALL Black

As I look back, I recognize that pain for my clients and me did change over time.  I know I wasn’t as much excluded as I was not including myself in events and gatherings by my own choice.  Over the years, I found that I would respond differently to Halloween.  Some years, I
dressed up while others I barely did anything.  I found empowerment in starting the holidays in my own way.

So, how are you going to kick off the holidays?  Are you going to let the fear take over?  Or are you going to be a super hero and take control this year?  The choice is yours.

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