Hi There… Nice to Meet You!

It’s so common when we meet folks, one of the first questions asked is… “what do you do?”

When I worked in hospice, I would get some very interesting responses when I would share that I listen to stories and help folks concerning grief after the death of a loved one.  The other person’s response was completely based on their unique perspective of hospice, end-of-life care, and death.

Now that I own Chartreuse Center, my answer is quite different.  A client recently said that I work within the “magical aspects of life.”  I love that thought.  I do certainly work with the existential polarities of life and death with the specialization in fertility concerns, perinatal issues, and bereavement.  These aspects of life are profound.

There is a process to acclimating to life.  We respond to challenges with our grief and fertility through all sorts of ways… it’s certainly more than just emotional… It’s our bodies,  relationships,  world view, and  our view of ourselves.  It impacts the way we think, redefines our life dreams, and challenges our assumptions about our contribution to our life plan.  We explore new ways of living, learn new skills, and realign stages of life when exploring health conditions or grief of losses.    There is so much more to “I live with infertility” or “My loved one just died.”

I’m twice invested… I’ve grieved loved ones and my own health through infertility and chronic pain AND I’ve pursued education to become a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist.  I’m passionate about specialized supports… beyond in-office counseling services… including distance counseling options… and extending specialized quality supports in the form of self-guided online programs of those tools I’ve taught clients to help in their lives since 2009.

Each of us have different needs based on our current life situation. Not everyone is in need of counseling.  Some folks like information or want to read blogs or podcasts…  Embrace Your Center, blog and podcast is for those folks…  Self-guided online programs are generally the next step in information gathering…  Artful Online Courses are for those folks….  In-Office Counseling and Distance Counseling/Support is for those that are finding a number of aspects of life are being touched by their life changes with grief and family building.  Chartreuse Center offers a number of layers of service to help meet folks where they are in their searching for information and support needs.

Most importantly, my mission is that folks find quality support they’re seeking.  I’m moved to improve accessibly and help professionals extend or expand their own reach to help folks.  I’ve created some online programs to help companies, not-for-profits and clinical organizations to reach their clients/patients too.  I grew up in a small farm town in Illinois.  My small town roots are what fuel my exclamation point when I share my passion and need for reaching folks in all sorts of areas.

Feel free to reach me at [email protected]ter.com   So… how can I help you?