New Program to Launch April 1st, 2018

I’m excited to announce that I am expanding the Surviving Infertility Workshop to a new format!  I’ve listened to my client’s feedback and they shared some really great insights.  I am creating this workshop into an online course format, full of more information that I initially considered including.  The course is called Embrace YOU! Survive Fertility, Reclaim Life.

I really want to give you quality content – even more than I could ever offer in a workshop.  Let me break this down so you can understand what I’m doing for you all.  In my full day workshop, I only have time to focus on 1 aspect of 4 topics.

I address 4 key areas:

  • Exploring Your Fertility – tests, diagnosis & treatment
  • Your Love Relationship – staying connected
  • Social Relationships – coping with family, friends and societal pressures
  • Family Building Options – overview of ways families can be created

I have expanded each of those 4 areas to have 3 topics – that’s right 3 topics per content area.  I’ve also added a content area about self care and reclaiming joy AND bonus material in the course.  I am even offering the different modules separately if you are really looking for information in a specific area.

This program is for all sorts of walks of life…  you may live in an area that has limited resources, you may not like groups or are very private, you may just be in the beginning of this journey and feeling isolated.  This program is not a replacement for mental health counseling and there even is a video that talks about how to recognize in yourself when counseling may be a step in the right direction for you.

My goal remains to reach as many folks that are struggling with fertility so they (you) don’t have to go it alone.  This online program helps this mission.   You are not alone.

The launch date is set for April 1st as we all begin to prepare for Infertility Awareness Week at the end of the month.  Until then, you can check out and enroll in the FREE module – Basics of Surviving Fertility to learn about the prevalence of fertility struggles and introduction of grief as it applies to challenges with family building.  When you enroll, you will have a promotion code you can use to receive a 50% pre-launch discount when you pre-order your course.

Click here to enroll.