#NIAW Navigating Social Graces with Fertility Concerns

Today we talk about the tough parts of navigating the social aspects of living in a fertile world.  This can be so difficult.  We do have choices as to how we want to share or remain private, respond to questions and comments, and ultimately how we hold onto the hurts.

There is enough negativity in the world… and we can easily slide into the negativity trap of blogs, podcasts and groups that continue to feed that hurt.  Research shows that those that go into fertility treatment with a sense of optimism respond better regardless of the treatment outcome than those that live in pessimism.  Yes, researchers are looking at this!  I like to say “protect your brain!”  Protect your mind/body connection and create an environment of welcoming and receiving by learning how to integrate forgiveness and gratitude into your life, especially during this time of your life.

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