“Passive Support” through Technology

What does “Passive Support” mean?

It’s an interesting term… Passive Support is useful information to help for a given situation that is not in-person, by phone, or through video consultation or counseling. Passive Support is useful emails that contain information that pertain to a struggle you are currently facing. Passive Support is reading blog posts or articles that pertain to your situation. Passive Support is listening to podcasts that provide coping tools, interviews with professionals or other’s life stories that help you with your struggle. Passive Support is also watching webinars or online videos to help you better understand you current situation.

Passive Support happens when you are needing support between therapy sessions OR before reaching out for therapy. You are looking for information to help you. You are either in counseling for your situation OR not yet in need of therapy as your past ways of coping are still working for you.

I have been having fun playing with technology. My first career was in broadcast communication and I worked on documentaries and corporate production. I have to say, there are parts of that world that I miss. I know that’s why I’ve created the podcast and I’m trying out some other ways to connect too.

So, I’m exploring YouTube folks! This is actually really fun for me to do and it’s quick and useful for you! I intend to create a mindful reflection or intention for you to start your week with a positive mindset. Here is the introduction video for you. Check out the YouTube channel, I already have an intention for you.