Positivity through Fertility Treatment – Tough yet Possible!

Positivity through Fertility Treatment – Tough yet Possible!

 Maintaining positivity is tough enough… imagine while going through fertility treatment. Research does look at the impact of outlook and the differences between optimistic or pessimistic mindsets toward fertility treatment.  Just in 2012, “FERTILITY TREATMENT RESPONSE: IS IT BETTER TO BE MORE OPTIMISTIC OR LESS PESSIMISTIC?” was published in Psychosomatic Medicine. The article suggests a tendency toward a more positive outcomes for those with an optimistic outlook. Hmmmmm…really?

In my own work with women and couples, I see something similar.  There are some key factors that contribute to well-being during fertility treatment:

❤︎ grieving their fertility struggle, pregnancy loss or unsuccessful treatment

❤︎ quieting the worry, fear, apprehension and realistically recognizing skills, roles and who is in control of what through treatment

❤︎ identifying useful and purposeful action during specific times of the fertility treatment process

❤︎ positive intentions or affirmations and mindfulness throughout the treatment time of life

Positivity is possible, just as much as the hurts are real.

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