Streaming Your Message for Hospice

As a hospice, you may be at that point of saying… Hmmm, I think I’m ready to try to stream a message.  What does that really mean?  There are some things that you can consider as you make this move.

Let’s move beyond “Is the mic on?”  These days you will use your internal computer, laptop or smartphone camera and mic.  That is acceptable when streaming your message or education.  Most internal cameras and mics are a great way to to start.  I encourage to not get caught up with this aspect…  It’s 100% okay to start this way.

Other considerations include:

  1. Factors that influence your camera
  2. Lighting
  3. Internet Connection or will you actually need to record & upload
  4. Purpose… interview, platform, educate, inform – really 1 person or more people to share a screen
  5. Differences between technology platforms that are real user friendly.

As you watch this introduction, you may have more questions or may want to talk.  Feel free to email me at and I’m happy to talk with you more.

Stay tuned for more specific videos to help you as a hospice get going with integrating more technology into your current care.

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